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Why Join and Participate in the Utah Steel Fabricators Association

Many steel fabricators and prospective associate members have asked, why their companies should join the USFA?

I hope this letter is a piece of encouragement to prospective and current fabricators and associate members who may be considering the value of joining or staying in the association.

Since its inception, Ron Wood or I have been members. For over 20 years now, we have seen the membership grow from a handful of companies to well over 75 participating companies.  This is a great aspect of the association, as there is strength and benefits in having more members.

Over the years, Ron and I and our associated companies have benefited greatly by the association, and see tremendous value in participating, serving and supporting the association.  It has vastly helped our business and associated employees.
The below list is just a few of the benefits we have received over the years.  As is anything in life, companies will benefit to the extent that their employees participate.

  1. Strong friendships and lasting professional relationships with associate members and other fabricators.
  2. At times, a few of the fabricators need to sub out work or we have had to sub-out work, and have elected to go with participating members.
  3. At times the associate members have referred customers are way.
  4. Suppliers on a regular basis assist with preferred pricing, shipping assistance and material availability lead times.  You help your friends out first.
  5. The events are educational and entertaining and are not over daunting but easy going.
  6. The events match fabricators with key suppliers and vendors who can assist with many facets of the business.
  7. The organization’s website is a useful tool for new customers and highlights the strength of the organization. It lands leads a couple times a year for our company.
  8. The association assists in working with local government agencies and other organizations in the state on improving the business and construction environment in Utah.
  9. The ability to assist in raising money for and providing scholarships for students and rising stars in the organization.
  10. The opportunity to participate in service related activities and charitable events, while working with others in the organization.

Aside from these listed benefits, there are many other benefits of being a member of the association.

We hope you properly consider joining the USFA and attending the planned events.  We know it will benefit your organization if you participate regularly and with the right intent.

‚ÄčIf you would like to join, please visit the website at www.utahsteelfabricators.com
Kind Regards,
Richard and Ron Wood – Co-Owners of Rightway Steel


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